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Will your school lead
the new era of education?

The learner-centric and learning-centered era of education has begun. Leading schools of the future will be those where each child learns and achieves his/her true potential.  

35 Countries

560 Locations

1825+ Schools

68000+ Teachers

School of Excellence

Be a school of excellence!

The schools that achieve the status of excellence in providing individualized and personalized education enjoy stable financial wellbeing and growth. These schools are able to easily craft their expansion to multiple campuses to replicate their contribution to society and the cause of education.    

Flag on Mountain Peak

The backbone of success.

Performance and Achievement of Each Learner in School, Community, and Beyond...

To lead in the future schools need to rework and redefine almost all facets of education.

Backbone of Success
Three Pilars of Success

The three pillars of success.

To lead in the future schools need to rework and redefine almost all facets of education.

Human Resource Development

  • Develop competencies and capacity of educators and school leaders.

  • Establish a strong connection amongst all stakeholders

Performance Excellence

  • Implement innovative and creative pedagogies for digital natives

  • Inspire learning processes

  • Improve effectiveness of assessment methodologies

  • Introduce futuristic assessment models

Systemic Efficiencies

  • Redefine the vision of the school

  • Recreate policies and processes

  • Implement ongoing school development Plan

Empty Classroom

Future Ready Educators Supported by

Efficient Learning and Assessment Processes and Policies



The only purpose of a professional development initiative is to create a positive impact on the performance and achievements of students.


Participants of ICSL workshops have reported significant transformations in their mindsets and competencies that have empowered them to implement innovative interventions in the classroom as well as across the school.

Our success is driven by our commitment to Relevance, Research, and Results. ​





Nidhi Yadav

Our School Management decided to get all the teachers trained by ICSL and we are extremely happy with the way the series of workshops addressed the concerns raised by facilitators. The experts on the panel encourage discussion to reach a relevant solution and also provide implementation support. Slowly and smoothly, it is changing the mindset of our team which is the first step toward any new journey.

ICSL is giving a vision to the educators, preparing them to brace the new challenges and to always stay relevant. Thanks to ICSL for handholding the facilitators of the future.

Ms. Nidhi Yadav


Delhi Public School

Mihan, Nagpur




ICSL offers the most comprehensive and exhaustive curriculum and content that educators and schools need to embrace the future of education. The program consists of 10 modules that can be completed in any order. Each module provides in-depth coverage of the topic based on the latest research and global best practices. The transformational curriculum designed by ICSL is effective because of its focus on the 3Rs.

Exhaustive Curriculum


ICSL professional development modules are effective as these are relevant to the immediate needs and the future goals of the educator as well as the school.​


The content of each module is based on proven research and global best practices that are contextualized for educators and schools in India.​


We believe in result-oriented professional development. Each module focuses on the creation of an actionable implementation plan for the educator and the school.​

The Wheel of 10 Modules_edited.png
Apical Logo.png

Transformational Mentoring for Learner Performance Empowerment

A unique mentoring program for select schools that aspire to reach the apex through:

  • human resource development,

  • performance excellence, and

  • systemic efficiencies.

Highly acclaimed mentors empowers each stakeholder of the school to maximise the performance and achievement of each learner in the school, community, and beyond.

Members of the managing trust of existing schools who are interested in building iconic institutes that are admired by all stakeholders are invited to contact Ms. Harinder Sraw at for more details.


​Click here to know how Apical program can impact education in your school.


India's Most Empowering Program for Schools and Educators.


The Connect2Learn workshops provide educators with 70 hours of exhaustive professional development that cover all the 10 modules.

Pre-workshop Assessment

Each educator takes a comprehensive assessment comprising of 100 multiple-choice questions.

Interactive and Engaging

Each workshop is delivered in a highly interactive manner that keeps the educator engaged in the learning process before, during, and after the workshop.

24x7 Access Through CANVAS LMS

Participants can access the complete content, assignments, discussions, and assessments through the World's most popular Learning Management System.



Each school and educator has a different outlook to prepare for the future. ICSL respects individual needs and offers three options to schools and two options to educators to benefit from our professional development initiatives. We hope that you enjoy the flexibility of choosing the best alternative that suits you. 

Connect with us
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Blended Program

The blended learning model for schools provides the flexibility of hosting exclusive workshops on campus for 4 modules. Educators attend the remaining 6 modules through live online workshops.

Group Calls

Live Online Workshops

Schools and individual educators can sign up for learning through highly interactive live online workshops conducted twice a month on Zoom.

Girl Working in a Cafe

Asynchronous Learning

Educators can learn at their own pace with the online course that includes all the content, videos of live sessions, assignments, discussions, and asessments.

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