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The UAE Free Seminar Series

Enabling NCF and CBE Implementation

Competency-based Assessment

The Navigator of Learning

Dubai: 30th Oct - 4th Nov

Abu Dhabi: 6th Nov - 11th Nov

Atul Nischal.jpg

Delivered by Dr. Atul Nischal,
Founder & Director, ICSL

Dr. Nischal is one of the most eminent experts in school education who has delivered over 400 hours of trainings on National Education Policy 2020, National Curriculum Framework - School Education 2023, and Competency-based Education.


He has more than 20 years of experience in creating assessment items for reputed national and international organisations. As part of various initiatives, he has trained more than 400 teachers to create accurate and effective assessments.

In 90 minutes you will learn to

Important Info


Who should attend?

The seminar is designed for school leaders, head of departments, and faculty engaged in designing assessments. The number of participants must be more than 20 and less than 40.


How to sign up?

Use the online scheduler below to sign up. Choose the correct time zone, indicate the total number of participants. 


Note: ICSL does not promise the selected slot and may suggest an alternative to optimise resources. 


How to prepare?

Each participant must bring along a notebook, a recently created assessment (test/exam), and the textbook for the same class.


Sign up your school!

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