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True School Leaders are Confident of Their Grand Visions

G. Balasubramanian | Chairperson, Board of Advisors, ICSL | Editor-in-Chief, The Progressive School

Napolean Hill, a famous writer whose writing and orations have influenced millions of people across the world writes:

”Every line a man writes, every act in which he indulges and every word he utters serves as an inescapable evidence of the nature of that which is deeply embedded in his own heart, that which he cannot avow.”

A leader has a vision and an aim embedded in his mind. Anyone who wants to acquire the qualities of leadership should know what his vision is and what his aim is. It is important that we need to know where we are going or where we would like to go. If we are not aware of the destination, all our efforts would be a waste. Many a times, we find that all our efforts do not lead to the desired goal. Have we ever introspected why such a thing happens? On most occasions, it is the result of an unorganized effort. We need to learn how to organize our efforts. Hill calls Power as “Organized effort.”

Organized effort leads to a focus and enables concentration. Concentration helps in effective use of our mental and physical energy. Organized effort helps in bridging the distance between our desires and successes.

Can we sit back for a few minutes and introspect

  1. What is our aim in life?

  2. How do we propose to achieve it?

  3. Are we just leading a life based exclusively on compromises or do we make well meaning choices?

  4. How do we put in our efforts to achieve the goals?

  5. What percentage of our efforts goes as a waste?

  6. What can we do to conserve our energy by minimizing wasteful efforts?

Quite often, people believe that their life is not in their hands. But it is necessary that we should learn to take control of our lives.

John Baldoni, in his book “How Great leaders get Great results?” says:

“Vision by nature is grandiose. They are meant to uplift people – to carry them away to another place. As you say the words, inspirational anthems may rise up from the echoes of your subconscious. Wonderful! If the vision is to move from imagination to reality, however, it must be simply and directly stated.”

Can we make that simple and direct statement? Can you enable the members of your team to make that simple and direct statement?

Friends, Vision is the starting point.


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