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[Download] Facilitative School Leadership and Teacher Empowerment: Teacher's Perspectives

Recently, educational reformists have recognized the critical role that principal support and democratic-facilitative leadership play in initiating, implementing, and sustaining viable forms of shared decision making and teacher empowerment at the school level (Aronstein, Marlow, & Desilets, 1990; Chapman, 1988; Duke, Showers, & Imber, 1980; Malen & Ogawa, 1988). An orientation Of this nature can be referred to as a "power through" (Dunlap & Goldman, 1991) or a "power with" approach to leadership. Such an approach is designed to empower others, not control them.

In it, administrators facilitate the development of collegial and reciprocal norms, dialogue with teachers is based on sharing and mutuality, and equality is encouraged. Within contextual constraints (e.g., bureaucratic, legal, cultural), administrators and teachers attempt to achieve mutually agreed upon educational goals through democratic processes.

Facilitative School Leadership and Teach
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Oct 10, 2021

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