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the Change



  • For existing and aspiring Principals, Vice-principals, Headmistresses, Headmasters, and HoDs 

  • 49 articles covering all 7 domains of school leadership

  • Views of experts and professionals from India, UK, China, Finland, and Mexico

  • Real experiences of school leaders

  • 373 pages of knowledge and wisdom

  • Collector's edition: Hard cover with jacket

  • Addresses developmental needs of all profiles of schools


the Change


  • 11th January 2019

  • The Taj Mahal Hotel, Delhi

  • 120 School Leaders

Chief Guest

Prof. Dinesh Singh

Former Vice-Chancellor,

Delhi University

Guest of Honour

Ms. Manika Gaur

Director (Education)

Jaypee Group






LEAD the Change is designed to bring about a transformation in schools. It focuses on transforming the school leader and strategies that can be implemented to overcome challenges.


  • Founder Director, ICSL

  • Publisher, The Progressive Teacher

  • Executive Vice-President (Academic and Professional Development), S. Chand Group

  • Lead Trainer, LEADING in Chaos, India’s first blended learning transformation program for school leaders.

  • A rich and diverse experience of 30 years in the school education.

  • Led several innovative interventions in different domains of education including content development, assessment, in-service professional development of teachers, educational technology, and eLearning.

  • Actively worked with decision makers in the Government, industry and institutions including MHRD, Government of Uttarakhand, The World Bank, Open University (Oxford), British Council, NIIT, HCL, eGurucool, Riverdeep (Ireland), Chegg Inc (USA), EB, and others.

  • Doctorate in pure mathematics from Tulane University, New Orleans, USA.

  • Taught mathematics at both the school and college levels.



Each article had to go through two reviews and thorough editing before being included in the anthology.

A thorough process was implemented to select the articles of the anthology. Practicing school leaders, educators, experts, and professionals were asked to submit an abstract of their article to be included in the anthology.


The abstract was reviewed by at least two members of the Board of Advisors of ICSL. Authors of selected abstracts were asked to submit their complete article.


Each article received was again reviewed and evaluated on its relevance, usefulness, benefits to readers. The selected articles were then put through a rigorous editing cycle before being finalised for print.

We are extremely sure that each article in the anthology will add tremendous value to the readers.    



Articles in the anthology bring out the most interesting aspects of the 7 leadership domains.

  1. Let's Make India a Global Superpower in School Education Again: Dr. Atul Nischal

  2. Quality Issues in K-12 Education: G. Balasubramanian

  3. Educated Minds: A Societal Need: Lata Vaidyanathan

  4. Positive Environment & Culture: Minakshi Kushwaha

  5. Break the Invisible Barriers: Carlos Adan Ruiz Martínez

  6. Serve the Challenged: Anita Sharma

  7. Crafting Virtuous, Moral, and Spiritual Students: Tina Olyai

  8. Embodying Goodness through Collaboration: Anuradha Pant

  9. Finnish Schools Empower Educators and Students to Blossom : Suzanne Perkowsky

  10. Safe and Happy Schools: Dr. Sangeeta Arora

  11. Creating Student Leaders: Chandragupta Mishra

  12. A Nest to Nurture the Future: Alpa S. Kotadia

  13. To Innovate, Become the Problem: Anand Krishnaswamy

  14. A Shift towards an International Education: Anna Correa

  15. Content Enrichment for 21st Century: Priyadarshini Kelkar

  16. Sports and Experiential Learning: Parminder Gill

  17. Imparting Practical Life Skills to Students: K. Narayana Joisa

  18. Student Engagement Curriculum: Divya Kapoor

  19. Self-Evaluation Can Help Schools Grow: Sangeeta D. Krishan

  20. Accommodating All Learners: Ashok K. Pandey

  21. Discover Who You Are to Invent What You Can Be!: Satyasree Gupta K

  22. Mentoring Students to Increase Their Brain Power: Veerle Ponnet

  23. The Role of Role Play: Tarandeep Singh Sekhon

  24. Flexible Learning Spaces: Dimple Puri

  25. Celebrating Differences: Benazir Shafaat Hussain

  26. The Joy of Learning Begins with Powerful Lessons: Ashish Bhatnagar

  27. Creating an Enthralling Mathematics: Arpita Acharya

  28. Without the Fear of Assessment: Salla Vijay Kumar

  29. Life's Education Through a Life in Education: Pramod Sharma

  30. Bonds that Last forever: Aparna Magee

  31. Transforming Mindsets: Dr. (Mrs.) Indu Khetarpal

  32. From a Candy Seller to a Teacher: Dr. Nirmala Krishnan

  33. Mentoring Students to Lead: Kashmira Jaiswal

  34. Raising a Healthy and Happy Generation: Dr. Veenu Sharma

  35. Attracting and Retaining Talented Teachers: Ramya Venkataraman, Rohan Joshi

  36. Teachers are the Heart of a School: Sanjay Kumar Mallick

  37. Think Change, Think People!: Manisha Arondekar

  38. Building Bridges, Making Connections: Anirudh Gupta

  39. Edyfing Community is Nation Building: Pravin Tiwari

  40. Help Students Prepare for Higher Education: Nitin Kapoor

  41. Operational Challenges For Independent Schools: S. L. Jain

  42. Integrating Technology in the School Paradigm: Dr. Rajesh Hassija

  43. How the Machines Might Make Great Teaching Assistants: Vipul Reddy

  44. Create Meaningful Learning Experiences: Vinay Sharma

  45. Kaizen: Change for the Better: Rajeev Kumar Singhal

  46. Technology for Effective Parent - Teacher Communication: Avdhesh Mahajan

  47. Agile School Leadership: Vijai Krishna Rajagopal

  48. Spiritual Lessons for School Leaders: Dr. Jeayaram Subramanian

  49. Leading for Tomorrow: Dr. Vivekanandan P



A must-read book for every existing and aspiring school leader.

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