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Motivating Teachers

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Real Problem Faced by School Leader

How to make teachers self-motivated for conducting effective classes with 100% preparation, involvement, and innovative teaching aids?

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Suggested Solutions to Real Problems Faced by School Leaders

We have to accept that every person who joins the teaching profession is not necessarily passionate about teaching and inspiring young minds. Those who have passion need support to sustain it. It can be professional or personal in nature. Feedback and appreciation from the Alumnus is another possible way to sustain the motivation of the teachers. Professional recognition is the most effective way to sustain motivation.

Neelam Mehta Bali


For 100% preparation – submission of lesson plan a week before which is thoroughly checked by the supervisors, frequent class observation, periodic feedbacks from students’ in-charge to ensure the delivery of lesson plan.

For 100% involvement – positive work culture is only required. Schools need to take care of the needs of the teacher, their training, regular feedback about their work, clearly stated deliverables and help to achieve them are signs of positive work culture.

Sanjay Kumar Mallick


Schools should identify and empower the teachers who are capable and committed. They should become a mentor for their peers. New teachers should be associated with these mentors. The leader must try to communicate through different methods, if possible, mostly in person. Appreciating little improvements which are observed will definitely help.


  • Introduce implementable processes and practices with clear and measurable outcomes.

  • The lesson plan needs to be in place for all subjects. Teachers should incorporate changes to their lesson plans based on their interaction with the class. The approach should be “Plan, Do, Check, Adjust”.

  • A school should foster a culture of excellence and innovation. This can ensure teachers implement plans with ease in their domain with less supervision.

  • Recognition of good work should turn into meaningful professional growth for a teacher.

  • The school needs to invest in professional development of teachers by enhancing professional skills.

  • A healthy workplace behaviour should be encouraged among teachers.

  • Reflecting and sharing best practices by teachers will increase their involvement.

Shrividya Shridhar


Maslow's pyramid of needs dictates that psychological needs are a priority for everyone.

  • Giving appreciation cards or a sweet message can do a lot.

  • Having small birthday parties/ outings/ stay backs/ games make teachers feel the workplace to be fun.

For example, we stay back for 2 hours on Monday and Thursday and have a definite schedule of 4 hrs that a teacher spends in a week, each hour is divided for correcting notebooks, enriching activities, remedies and library. During stay backs we treat them with snacks and tea which shows we care for them. On the 5th Monday/ Thursday we play games and have debates. I as the director and our principal participate in these activities.

P. S. Kelkar

  • Oath taking ceremony for teachers at the beginning of the academic year or at the time of joining.

  • Teacher's subject knowledge should be evaluated.

  • The teacher should prepare subject notes manually which are checked by subject heads and school leaders.

  • Inter class and inter-subject competitive spirit should be maintained, and best teacher should be rewarded.

  • A quarterly internal subject audit has to be mandatory.

  • The best teacher should arrange seminars where the rest of the teachers can show their ideal practices.

  • Teachers should be continuously motivated to participate in in-service training sessions.

  • Teachers should be given charge of academic clubs of students.

  • Principal's guidance about the academic growth of students.

  • Teachers should be given responsibility to prepare students for scholarship and research exams.

  • In self-appraisal forms, teachers should mention the following:

  1. Innovative activities

  2. Experiments conducted

  3. Outdoor activities

  4. Remedial classes

  5. Field visits

  6. Subject result analysis .

Vijaylaxmi Manerikar


About the Author

Dr. Atul Nischal is the Founder of the International Council for School Leadership (ICSL) and serves as the Program Director of ReSET, the 3 week online certificate program for educators.


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