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Motivating Senior Teachers to Participate in Co-curricular Activities

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Real Problem Faced by School Leader

Senior Teachers take little interest in co-curricular activities. Likewise senior students get disinterested in this field. It impacts the overall growth of students. How can the teachers be motivated to participate in such activities?

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Suggested Solutions to Real Problems Faced by School Leaders

An important factor which needs consideration is that the work hours dedicated to CCA are not part of workload calculations. Also, teachers are not given credit for the additional load that comes with CCA leading them to avoid it altogether. Teachers effort should be duly recognised for participation in CCA.

Neelam Mehta Bali

  • Respect and Recognise the seniority and hidden talents of teachers. (Some are highly active physically and some participate mentally. School authority should recognise the talents of every teacher and evaluate the teachers in a comprehensive way and not only for physical participation)

  • Assign the duties and responsibilities (Club/Houses/Committee etc) to teachers in advance

  • Allow teachers to choose activities based on their passion.

  • Ensure the participation of senior teachers by assigning them as a supervisor/convenor.

  • Develop team spirit and sense of collaboration among teachers

  • Give awareness class on CCA to teachers, its importance, need for participation of teachers in school activities

  • Consider the participation of teachers in CCA and school-related activities as one of the criteria for Evaluation, Annual Increment and Promotion.

  • Principals or school leaders should take a democratic measure to assign CCA duties to teachers.

Shani K.I.


Place the responsibility for each CCA beforehand. Announce the best CCA of the year during the annual function.

Narayana Joisa


There is a need to orient and sensitise teachers about the purpose of such activities. As the teachers realise by participating that they get another opportunity to update themselves. This helps to sustain their interest in newly found or polished abilities. To me, participation (bhaag) is the only solution. Be it on this or that side of the stage, sensitisation being the baseline.

Rashmi Sethi

  • Teachers, Parents and students require separate counselling and continuous guidance regarding benefits of CCA’s.

  • Senior Teachers should be given assurance of provision for extra coaching hour availability.

  • Teachers and Students should be motivated separately for creative activities. Our 9th and 10th std. students conduct functions on their own for various occasions. Everything is managed by them. For example: they arrange anchor, script writing, agenda preparation, sound system arrangements, musical/dance/drama presentation, dress code etc.

Vijayalaxmi Manerikar


About the Author

Dr. Atul Nischal is the Founder of the International Council for School Leadership (ICSL) and serves as the Program Director of ReSET, the 3 week online certificate program for educators.


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