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Establish a System to Reward the Performance of Teachers

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Real Problem Faced By School Leader

A school leader wants help to establish a system to reward the performance of teachers.

Please suggest what he/she can do. How do you reward your best teachers? How do you identify your best teachers?

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Responses obtained from members of the ICSL LEAD the Change Whatsapp Group

We reduce the workload, assign the role of a mentor, and give opportunities for further professional development.

Neelam Mehta Bali


We use 360-degree feedback (students, colleagues, parents and self) to identify best performers. Points are given for:

  • Initiatives taken in the school programs

  • Active participation in training programs

  • Use of STEM in lessons

  • Timely execution or responsibilities.

  • Increasing their qualifications by taking exams

  • We reward best performers with

  • Monetary incentives to teachers and upto IV category staff for 5 -15 yr service.

  • Honour the BEST teachers during annual concerts so that the parents know how we recognise talent.

Priyadarshini Kelkar


We given an appreciation letter on teachers day, share the qualities of those teachers in assembly, and promote them as mentors of other teachers. Parameters for teacher evaluation:

  • Ability to inculcate moral values in students by taking feedback from parents and colleagues.

  • Result growth per year.

  • Punctuality in the completion of assigned work.

  • Participation/achievement in zonal/school programs

  • Taking extra training or course

  • Monetary reward for students getting 100 % marks in board examination.



Evaluate teachers performance per month and reward the best performer with a certificate. We do it section wise for preschool, lower primary, upper primary, secondary, admin staff, and support staff.

Vijayalaxmi Manerikar


NCERT has developed performance indicators for teachers and are available on A mobile app PINDICS can also be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Dr. Anup Rajput


The best reward is to empower the team, having confidence in the educators. We do a 360-degree appraisal, based on which financial rewards are given proportionally to their score. Every year 8 to 10 educators with 100% attendance get a fully paid 5-day travel with family to a destination in India. Once, we sent educators to Bali and Singapore.



To me it's more about trusting their capabilities. Once you start establishing rapport with them things fall in place. Creation, innovation, out of box thinking and all the other resources are innate in any educator. We just need to leverage it as school leaders. Simple acknowledgements have helped us a lot. Giving them opportunities to showcase their achievements to others. Co-creation is also a very immaterial way to empower and acknowledge teachers. Continuing learning opportunities to help. It's more about how they feel about themselves. So our focus is more on making them feel their own perceived value.

Sonal Ahuja


We have a monthly Eureka Awards for Teachers of all Branches. They are given gifts and their names are announced in the morning assembly. Incentives are given in the form of Holiday Packages, Family Dinner Vouchers at 5 Star Hotel, Shopping Vouchers etc.

Tina Olyai


About the Author

Dr. Atul Nischal is the Founder of the International Council for School Leadership (ICSL) and serves as the Program Director of ReSET, the 3 week online certificate program for educators.


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