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Common Roadblock to a School Leader's Vision That Effects Confidence

G. Balasubramanian | Chairperson, Board of Advisors, ICSL | Editor-in-Chief, The Progressive School

Very often we seriously think about developing an aim or a vision for our life. But, the more we get closer to developing a vision we get disheartened and leave the thought process in the midway. If we examine closely, one of the reasons that defeats the process of developing a vision is the latent fear in our minds.

It is said that fear is primordial feeling of the human beings.

Some of the fears that haunt us (as listed by Napoleon Hill) are:

  • Fear of poverty

  • Fear of death

  • Fear of ill health

  • Fear of loss of love

  • Fear of old age

  • Fear of criticism

One or many of the above types of fear haunts us frequently and creates a suspicion in our minds about our own competencies. Add to this, the fear of the unknown, fear of loss of esteem, fear of failure – we become increasingly insecure and less enterprising.

It is important that we have to master the fears and get them into our grips if we have to develop a meaningful vision for our life.

Peter Senge in his book “Learning organizations” clarifies various levels in which we should work to develop and realize a vision for ourselves. They are:

  • Mental level: To visualize the vision process and feeling the working of the process

  • Emotional level: To develop positive attitudes and work towards realization of the vision with a sense of commitment

  • Social level: To develop a support system of caring people who would contribute to the realization of the vision

  • Spiritual level: To develop faith and belief systems which exhibits faith in the ultimate power

In an academic environment, we, possibly, need to work at all the above levels.

Sit alone; spend a few minutes questioning yourselves:

  • What are my basic fears?

  • Which type of fear I am getting frequented with?

  • What are the fundamental reasons for its existence?

  • How can I come to grips with this situation?

  • How do I engage myself effectively to work at the mental, emotional, social and spiritual levels?

If you get some good answers, please do share with us.


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