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Hybrid Learning Curriculum
and Content


The curriculum encompasses all the transactional details of learning, including content, pedagogy, and assessment.

Hybrid learning is effective only if it is supported by a thoughtfully designed hybrid learning curriculum and relevant digital content.

Educators should design learning experiences for online, offline, and hybrid modes. This requires re engineering of the traditional curriculum by considering curricular objectives, learning outcomes, as well as the strengths and constraints of online learning. This must be supported by appropriate content created or curated by teachers.

This workshop will help participants TO develop the following competencies.


  • Which type of online learning activities can students engage with independently or with minimal support?

  • How can online learning activities be made more effective and efficient?

  • How to determine the ratio of online to offline learning time?

  • What competencies should students develop to learn effectively in a hybrid mode?

  • What are the best practices to create or curate content for hybrid learning?


  • Analyze the existing curriculum to identify learning outcomes that are most suited for online learning, offline instruction, or a mix of both.

  • Create or curate audio-visual and print content for hybrid learning.

  • Monitor and measure the effectiveness of the hybrid learning curriculum and content.


  • Engage actively in curating and creating content for students.

  • Realize the significance of defining a blended learning curriculum.

Snippets from LIVE workshops