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Mentoring Skills


The NEP 2020 envisages the future role of the teacher as a mentor who facilitates independent learning. Educators must be empowered to transition from being a "sage-on-the-stage" to a "guide-on-the-side".

The journey begins with empathy towards students. It requires teachers to identify the learning needs of individual students and the bottle-necks that are preventing them from progressing.

Mentors need to find innovative strategies that are customized to help each student discover the unique path to achieve his/her learning goals.

Mentoring skills that work for one individual may not work for another. These skills draw from the experience and environment of the person as well as the learner.

This workshop will help participants TO develop the following competencies.


  • What aspects of NEP and hybrid learning demand teachers to become mentors?

  • How are teaching skills different from mentoring skills?

  • What are some best practices that good mentors use to become effective and efficient?

  • What are the different mentoring styles that work with students?


  • Develop empathy towards students’ learning needs and styles.

  • Mentor students to achieve their academic, emotional and personal goals.

  • Use the individual progress as a metric for student performance.


  • Develop a belief in mentorship as a successful approach to help students succeed.

  • Continuously monitor their own mentoring style and skills.

Snippets from LIVE workshops