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Pedagogies for Digital Natives


Research shows that the traditional pedagogies are ineffective for digital natives.

The NEP 2020 proposes revolutionary pedagogical transformations that focus on thinking and problem-solving skills; India’s culture, heritage, history; and citizenship values.

The teaching styles of the majority of teachers are influenced by the teaching styles used by their teachers when they were in school. This makes it very difficult for teachers to develop and implement innovative pedagogical strategies with their students.

How can teachers successfully pivot their teaching methods to meet the expectations of NEP 2020, digital natives, and hybrid learning?

This workshop will help participants TO develop the following competencies.


  • What are the pedagogical reforms proposed by the NEP 2020?

  • What are the major transitions that education will witness in the coming years?

  • How does Connectivism Learning Theory influence our pedagogical strategies?

  • Why are the traditional pedagogical strategies used by teachers not effective for digital natives?

  • What are the major considerations for designing pedagogical strategies that will be effective for digital natives, hybrid learning, and NEP2020?


  • Design learning experiences and activities that are effective for the learning styles of digital natives.

  • Adopt their unique pedagogical strategies in line with the needs of the digital natives.


  • Appreciate the need and relevance of adopting pedagogical practices that meet the needs of digital natives.

  • Adapt existing best practices in pedagogy to develop new pedagogical approaches for digital natives.

Snippets from LIVE workshops