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India Needs You!

As per the National Education Policy, each of the 95 lakh school teachers and school heads needs to complete 50 hours of training every year. This is almost 50 Crore hours of training every year. If a teacher educator can conduct 1000 hours of training sessions a year, India needs a whopping 500,000 teacher trainers.        


And, so do we

ICSL is a not-for-profit with a mission to energize, empower, and enable school teachers to bring positive impact for their students. We want all the 1.5 million schools of India to benefit from our programs. And, for this, we are looking for an army of qualified, dedicated, knowledgeable, and experienced teacher trainers.   

If you are ready to join our team, please read on!

Domain Expertise

10+ Years Experience 

Communication Skills

Technology Skills

Next Steps

We are looking for trainers who have demonstrated integrity, energy, and intelligence in their previous engagements. Yes, we are a bit choosy as we envisage a long-term mutually beneficial relationship with each trainer. 

Info Form

To begin, you need to fill out a short form to be reviewed by the members of our National Advisory Board. Click here to access the form

Complete CV

After reviewing the form, we will request you for a complete and updated CV.

Provisional Contract

We will initially sign a provisional contract for 30 hours of training. Before initiating this contract, you will need to audit at least 3 trainings conducted by ICSL.

Motivational Speaker


If you have any queries or clarifications, please contact Mrs. Harinder Sraw, National Program Head at

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