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ReSET: Relearning Essential Skills for Excellence in Teaching - FAQs

ReSET is a live online course designed to deliver an in-depth understanding, tools, tips, and techniques to achieve excellence in the era of blended learning and post-NEP education. Research-based content on the best practices coupled with innovative learning methodologies will enable participants to learn effectively from a team of experienced mentors.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the frequently asked questions about ReSET. For any question that is not answered below you can:

  • Write your questions in the comments below, or

  • Send your query to


Who should attend ReSET?

  • Educators teaching any grade level

  • Educators from schools affiliated to any board

  • Students who wish to pursue a career in education

  • Teacher educators

What are the timings and duration of the course?

ReSET is a 3-weeks course. Live sessions (on Zoom) are held from 4PM to 6PM on Mondays through Thursdays. Apart from this participants will be expected to devote 6 hours per week for additional reading, quizzes, and assignments. The total time committment for the course is about 40 hours.

How is each week of the course structured?

  • Monday: Comprehensive Understanding of Current and Future Needs

  • Tuesday: Solutions and Strategies Based on Research and Best Practices

  • Wednesday: Present and Discuss Case Studies

  • Thursday: Panel Discussion with Mentors

Friday - Sunday: Create and Submit Your Individualised Growth Plan

What are the learning outcomes of the course?

  1. Empower students to learn how to learn.​

  2. Learn to use the most effective tools for quality blended learning experience.

  3. Design holistic, multi-disciplinary, and enjoyable learning experiences

  4. Ensure high engagement of students in learning experiences.​

  5. Implement continuous formative assessment to monitor progress.

What is the syllabus of the course?

Week 1: Technology for Blended Learning

Week 2: Blended Learning Pedagogy

Week 3: Student Performance

What topics will be covered in Week 1: Technology?

  • Blended Learning is Here!

  • The Four Critical Transitions

  • Role of Technology

  • Technology Tools to Communicate and Collaborate

  • Learning Management System: Advantages and Limitations

  • Effective Video Conferencing Techniques

  • Podcasting: Easy to use learning aid

  • Creating Education Videos

  • Using Emails Effectively

  • Preparing WOW Presentations

  • Effective Assessment Tools and Techniques

What topics will be covered in Week 2: Pedagogy?

  • Pedagogical Transformations Proposed by National Education Policy

  • Teacher’s Role in Implementing NEP in Classrooms

  • Four Essential Skills Teachers Must Relearn

  • Understanding Digital Natives

  • Learning Needs of Digital Natives

  • Ineffectiveness of Current Pedagogies for Digital Natives

  • Learner-Centric Pedagogy

  • Connectivism Learning Theory

  • Understanding Learning Connections

  • Promoting critical thinking

  • Promoting reflection as a metacognition tool

  • Designing holistic, learner-centric, multidisciplinary learning experiences

What topics will be covered in Week 3: Student Performance?

  • Impact of positive teacher-student relationships on student achievement

  • Three Types of Teacher-Student Relationships

  • The AOI model of building relationships

  • Four Steps to Increase Awareness about Self-beliefs and perceptions

  • Observing Classrooms and Students Objectively

  • Three Critical Outcomes of Positive Interactions

  • Purpose, Value and Accuracy of Assessment

  • Assessment as a navigator of Teaching-Learning Process

  • Importance of Feedback and Positive Struggle

  • Norman Web’s Depth of Knowledge (DoK) Levels

  • Designing multiple choice questions for strategic thinking

How will my performance be assessed during the course?

  • Attendance [10%]: A minimum of 85% attendance in live sessions is mandatory for course completion certificate.

  • Engagement, Interactions, and Discussions [10%]: The course consists of several polls, questionnaires, and activities. Participants are expected to participate in these actively. Participants are expected to proactively and meaningfully discuss their concerns and issues with the panel of mentors on every Thursday.

  • Case Presentation[6%]: Participants will be invited to submit a case study on the topic of the week. The case studies will be selected by the mentors for presentation.

  • Weekly Growth Plans [24%]: Each participant will submit his/her individualised implementation plan every week. Each plan will focus on the topics covered in that week. Participants will be able to submit the plan anytime between 6 PM on Friday to 12 Noon on Sunday.

  • End of Course Examination [50%]: All participants are expected to complete the end of course examination.

Will I get a certificate based on my performance?

  • Certificate of Completion: All participants with a minimum of 85% attendance

  • Certificate of Merit: Participants with a score of more than 70%

  • Certificate of Excellence: Three participants with highest scores.

Who are the mentors of the course?

The course is mentored by a team of 5 experts who have collectively conducted professional development program for 15000+ educators.

  • Dr. Atul Nischal, ReSET Program Director; Founder-Director, ICSL

  • Mr. G. Balasubramanian, Chairman, Advisory Board, ICSL; Former Director (Academics), CBSE

  • Dr. Rajesh Hassija, Managing Director, Indraprastha Group of Schools; National Coordinator, National Testing Agency (NTA).

  • Mrs. Sangeeta Krishan, School Inspector, KDHA, UAE; Former Director Academics, G. D. Goenka Schools, Former Head (Curriculum & Training), Bharti Foundation

  • Dr. Anuradha Rai, Principal, Ambiance Public School; Head, ECHO for Education, India.

What is the course fee?

The fee for the course is Rs. 4500 (including all applicable taxes) per person.

Schools can avail a special 25% discount by registering 4 teachers by paying the fee for 3 teachers (Rs. 13,500)

How can I register for the course?

Any individual educator can register for the course by filling the online form at

How can my school register for the course?

Schools can register all the 4 teachers for the course by filling the online form at

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