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[Sanjay Kumar Mallick, Principal, Sant Nandlal Smriti Vidya Mandir, Ghatsila]

In today’s competitive world, a student needs to be properly guided at right time and in the right way, it will not only ensure the high success rate but great satisfaction to the student, parents as well as to the teacher. It’s always a great challenge for parents, and teachers to know the true interest of a child. It is often observed that the child doesn’t obey the teachers or does not listen to the parents advises well.

Why it is so?

My two-decade experience with students and as a psychologist, I found several reasons behind these issues:

  • Child abilities with parent's expectations are not matching.

  • A child is not able to share his or her dreams.

  • A child is not able to handle peer pressure.

  • Teachers' guidance and behavioral support are not as per the child’s expectation.

The above issues de-motivate child and lower his or her performance further down which sometimes leads to anxiety and depression and affects the relationship

How do I know the child’s interests, dreams, and abilities?

  1. Know your child’s hobbies: A hobby is an activity that your child/student enjoys doing in his/her spare time. As a parent or teacher, you must notice what a child enjoys doing in his/her free time. There may be a situation; a child enjoys doing 3-4 activities, which one he enjoys most makes a note of it.

  2. Prepare a student interest inventory in the school: Student interest inventory helps to know the child’s interest. This can be prepared from class VIII onwards.

  3. After identifying the child’s interest, help him/her to choose a stream after class X. Most of the problems arise at the time of stream selection. In India, we hardly give preference to the child’s interests and abilities rather parents' unfulfilled dreams take the driver seat. Another factor which dominates the stream selection is peer pressure.

  4. Help the child from class IX itself about the stream in class XI and career options available in the chosen stream. Let them do the research about the careers and courses available in various streams.

  5. It shall be the child’s choice of the courses he or she wants to pursue and not the parents or teachers or relatives' desires. Parents and teachers shall be the facilitator to choose the courses and careers rather than a dictator.

  6. A constant interaction amongst children, parents, and teachers can solve many issues related to course selection and career options.

  7. A child must explore the contents of class XI while studying in class IX; this will help him or her to understand the own area of interest and the course requirements. Formal interaction between class IX and Class XII students will bring a lot of clarity in the mind of class IX students and help them to make an informed decision about their stream and further university courses.

Making right stream selection by the students helps them to have better understanding of the subjects. This leads to better course selection and best career option. Parental support keeps the morale high of the students and they feel more enthusiastic and positive.

Today several tests are readily available in the market like – psychometric tests, stream selection tests, aptitude tests etc to help students and parents to make correct choices about streams or courses and careers. These tests are costly which every student cannot afford. Hence proper care and guidance can be much helpful.

Let your child/student explore their own world and support them to achieve their dreams to lead a successful life.


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