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From Teacher-Centric to Learner-Centric Education 


The NEP2020 recommends that experiential learning should be implemented across grades and subjects. Educators should move away from lectures and notes and immerse students in meaningful learning experiences.

Educators must acquire skills to design learner-centric learning experiences that focus on learning outcomes. Such experiences engage students in a series of activities or tasks that scaffold learning and allow students to progress at their own pace to demonstrate mastery.

Learning experiences should be multi-disciplinary and help students to develop problem-solving skills, an understanding of India's culture, and citizenship values.

This workshop will help participants TO develop the following competencies.


  • What are the differences between learner-centric and teacher-centric learning experiences?

  • Why do educators need to design learner-centric learning experiences?

  • What should students experience while engaging in learner-centric tasks?

  • How can effective learning experiences address multiple learning outcomes, proficiencies, and competencies simultaneously?

  • How can group work help to manage time while providing flexible learning opportunities to students?


  • Analyse the learning needs and styles of students.

  • Design learning experiences that cater to diverse learning styles and multiple learning outcomes.

  • Deliver learning experiences to students in an engaging and enriching manner.


  • Adopt learner-centric approaches.

  • Focus on developing competencies (knowledge, skills, attitudes) in students.

  • Act as a mentor to students, individually and in groups.

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