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Hybrid Learning Cultures


In a hybrid learning model, students learn both in the online and face-to-face mode. The present learning cultures, established for physical learning, do not support the new hybrid learning environments. As a result, teachers are already experiencing several issues in making hybrid learning effective.

Establishing a positive hybrid learning culture involves defining ‘what’ and ‘how’ students are expected to do to learn.

Defining and establishing a hybrid learning culture is neither obvious nor trivial. Teachers must define a positive learning culture for their classrooms that reflects the content and their unique pedagogical styles. And, the school must also establish school-wide hybrid learning culture.

This workshop will help participants TO develop the following competencies.


  • What is a learning culture? How does hybrid learning culture differ from the traditional learning culture?

  • How can teachers establish and nurture a hybrid learning culture?

  • What new opportunities does online learning offer to build a strong learning culture?

  • What practices ensure high student engagement in hybrid learning?

  • What practices can help make online assessment effective?


  • Help students become self-learners.

  • Engage students during online and offline learning sessions.

  • Balance the online and offline components of learning and assessment.

  • Deliver instructional activities that are effective in both online and offline sessions.

  • Conduct online assessments that accurately measure student progress.


  • Consider hybrid learning as an evolutionary step and not a temporary challenge.

  • Give equal importance to both the offline and online components of learning.

Snippets from LIVE workshops

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