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ICSL is ready to support your journey to become an exceptional educator. Just the way you care about your students and are always ready to mentor them, the ICSL team is available to you for any support you need. 

So, get ready to begin a fabulous journey with ICSL.

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Growth Mindset

Begin with a Growth Mindset!

People who have a growth mindset believe that they can achieve anything by investing in the required effort and time. They treat challenges as opportunities for professional and personal success. 

If you are an educator with a growth mindset, then you will welcome the current challenges as professional growth opportunities. And, you will be ready to invest effort and time on your professionl development.

Know Thyself

Know Thyself

I Know that
I Know.

Education and experiences may create a perception that we know everything there is to know. Whereas the truth is that the more we know, we realise how little we know. 


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ICSL is a not-for-profit with the mission to enrich, empower, and enable teachers throughout their journey to greatness. So, here are 2 free offers you should immediately grab.


We invite you for free one-time registration for Friday@5 educational webinars. As a registered participant, you will get the permanent link to join the live Zoom session every Friday at 5 PM.

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Free Workshop Invite 

ICSL offers every teacher an opportunity to attend one of their Connect2Learn workshops for free and save Rs 750.

You can benefit from this offer by clicking the button below and submitting your application.

Since we can only accommodate a limited number of free participants, our team will confirm the workshop dates for which your application is approved.

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NEP 2020

Top 20 of NEP 2020

The National Education Policy is a large document proposing some complex transformations. Most teachers struggle to find the time to understand how these policies impact their professional lives.

We have identified 20 important and relevant aspects that all teachers must be aware about.

Computre Lab

The Connect2Learn National Online Workshops incorporate all the essential skills that teachers must possess to implement the National Education Policy in their classrooms. Since our program is designed to help you achieve excellence, we go beyond the minimum requirements of 50 hours of professional development.

The 70 hours annual program equips you with everything you need to achieve greatness, including support from our team for any challenges you will face while implementing what you learn during the workshops.  

Access to quality education must be a basic right of every child.

Teachers are the heart of the learning process. Provide them continuous professional development and positive working environments.

Extensive use of technology in teaching and learning, educational planning, and management

Cultivate ethics, human, and constitutional values in students.

Provide flexibility to learners to choose their learning trajectories, programmes, and their own paths in life.

Every school head to attend 50 hours of professional training per year.

Synergize curriculum across all levels of education from early childhood care and education to higher education.

Focus on regular formative assessment to discourage the coaching culture.

Build creativity and critical thinking to encourage logical decision-making and innovation.

For grades 1-5 curriculum will focus on foundational literacy and numeracy.

Each teacher must attend 50 hours of professional development every year.

Ensure full equity and inclusion of all students.

Develop life skills in all students.

Emphasize on conceptual understanding rather than rote learning and learning-for-exams.

All students by Grade 3 must achieve Foundational Literacy and Numeracy.

Rootedness and pride in India, and its rich, diverse, ancient and modern culture and knowledge systems and traditions.

Promote respect for diversity and respect for the local context.

promoting multilingualism and Use the power of language in teaching and learning.

Multidisciplinary and holistic education for a multidisciplinary world to ensure the unity and integrity of all knowledge.

Recognize, identify, and foster the unique capabilities of each student.

National Education Policy 2020: Indepth Discussions

National Education Policy 2020: Indepth Discussions
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Friday@5: Early Childhood Care & Education
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Friday@5: Foundational Literacy & Numeracy
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Friday@5: Curtailing Dropout rates & Ensuring Universal Access to Education
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Learn all about hybrid learning 

Globally, the pandemic forced all educators to adopt online learning in a flash. To ensure survival of the education system, teachers put in their heart and soul into acquiring and using new skills the best way they could. Like all experiments, everything was not a success. But, teachers kept improvising and doing the best they could given the fact that none of them had received any formal training to teach online. 


Teachers who experienced positive results strongly believe that the strengths of online learning should continued to be used even when schools reopen for face-to-face instruction. These teachers will champion the future of hybrid learning in the education system. And, to help these teachers, ICSL has ensured that during its Connect2Learn program teachers get to learn everything about hybrid learning.

The Government of India has endorsed digital learning by announcing a digital university and 200+ television channels for K12 education. For aspirational teachers who wish to benefit for professional opportunities, the time is right to take control of their future.

Hybrid Learning
Online student

Take Control

Passionate teachers who aspire to achieve excellence must take control of their learning. Change in inevitable and the only way to remain relevant for the next generation of learners is to get quality professional development support.

Connect2Learn National Online Workshops focus on developing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of teachers that are essential to become great teachers. The topics of these workshops are chosen to cover the most important aspects of the NEP 2020 and hybrid learning.

If you want to be a great teacher for your students, we suggest:

  • Download the Connect2Learn brochure

  • Attend one workshop Free

  • Signup for the complete program

Take Control

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Enroll for all the 10 Connect2Learn National Open Workshops by paying Rs 6000, and get the ICSL anthology - Lead the Change as a gift. We will even cover the shipping and handling charges in India. Participants from abroad may need to pay the shipping fee relevant to their location.

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