The first mantra for career growth is to build an effective professional network.


People, organisations, and businesses grow on the strength of their networks.


The power of a good professional network has been largely ignored by professional school leaders in India. However, like other professions, school leaders who want to boost their careers can benefit a lot from the right network. Much before a school leader's position is advertised, recruiters scout for good and able candidates within their network. A candidate recommended by someone they trust has a big advantage over candidates who respond to the advertisements.


A professional network can also help you to stay updated on the latest developments and trends in school education. And, you can always approach members of the network to seek advice on the school that you may be planning to join.


Networking is a time-consuming task. But, the good thing is that you do not have to devote your prime work hours. You can spend evenings, weekends and holidays to unwind and interact with network members.


Both face-to-face and digital mediums should be used to develop professional networks as each of them have their own advantages. Face-to-face networking opportunities such as conferences, workshops, seminars, and events may offer higher affinity levels with members. However, digital mediums such as LinkedIn, whatsapp, or telegram groups are inexpensive and provide a global or a national reach.

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There is no benefit of being a silent, passive member of a professional network. You have to ensure that people notice you and are aware of your professional achievements.


To grow your career and take full advantage of your professional network it is important for you to maintain high levels of visibility. People should see your name and photograph as frequently as possible. They must read or listen to your thoughts as often as possible. High visibility means that you will have a strong recall when people find an opportunity that fits your profile.


There are many ways to create and sustain your visibility. In face-to-face interactions, such as workshops, seminars, conferences, or events, you must make effort to participate as actively as possible. Try to get some time on the stage. If that does not work, make sure you ask questions or share feedback as member of the audience.

In digital mediums, make sure your profile details are accurate. Use a latest photograph, spell your name right, update the status, and share your professional achievements (on LinkedIn). 

Another great way to boost visibility is two write articles for blogs and magazines. You can also use these published articles on social media as well as professional networks.

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Seek Excellence

The drive to seek excellence takes you to the top, and allows you to stay there.


Top schools of India are looking for dynamic school leaders who can continue to grow their schools. Such schools seek school leaders who have an attitude to seek excellence in whatever they do. Your attitude plays a huge role in securing a position with these schools.


To make "excellence" part of your work culture and attitude, school leaders will need to:

  • Master every aspect of school leadership

  • Have high professional and personal aspiration

  • Exhibit strong problem solving skills

  • Show extra-ordinary people skills



90 Days Transformation Program

LEADING in Chaos, the flagship program of ICSL, is a 90-days blended learning transformation journey for school leaders. The certificate program consists of 2 days of intensive interactive workshop and 6 engaging online ICSL ECHO sessions scheduled once every fortnight.

India's First Anthology on School Leadership

LEAD the Change, published by ICSL, is an essential read for school leaders. It has 49 articles spanning all seven domains of school leadership written by practicing school leaders and experts from India, China, Mexico, UK, and Finland.

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