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Course Snapshot

Online Certificate Course

The most exhaustive and affordable certificate course for educators.

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I learnt new technologies and the methods to blend my subject matter with the new technological advancement. 

Rashmi Sharma

Delhi World Public School


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The Most Exhaustive

Certificate Course

ReSET Selfy is the only course you need to take to relearn all the essential skills to excel as an educator. The course provides you with actionable insights and practical tips to use technology tools, implement blended learning, cater to digital natives, use learner-centric pedagogies, build teacher-student relationships, and conduct effective online assessments. 

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Traveller's Compass

Use Your Learnings

with Students


Classroom implementation is the primary focus of the course. Even before completing the program, you will begin to implement new technologies, innovative pedagogies, and effective assessment techniques with your students.


You will learn about the research based approaches to make teaching-learning a more effective process.   

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For the next decade of education 

The course will boost your confidence to take up the challenges of implementing blended learning and the National Education Policy in your classrooms. In fact, you will feel supercharged to even help your colleagues.

Course Details

Unit 1

Intro to ReSET

Your learning journey begins with understanding the long-term impact of COVID-19 and National Education Policy 2020 on education, schools, teachers, and students. By the end of this unit, you will be aware of the four inevitable transitions that you will witness in the coming decade.

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Unit 2

Using Technology to Enhance Learning

Technology enables and empowers educators to:

  • create, curate, and deliver content

  • use learner-centric pedagogies

  • assess student performance and progress effectively

In this unit, you will learn about the most widely used technology tools to achieve the above objectives. You will learn to make podcasts, record and edit videos as well as screencasts, design amazing presentations, etc. You will learn how to effectively use LMS, video conferencing, and tools for communication and collaboration.

Unit 3

Learner-Centric Pedagogy for Blended Learning

In this unit you will learn about the various pedagogical transformations proposed by NEP, pedagogical strategies that work for digital natives, connectivism learning theory, pedagogies for blended learning and designing enriching and engaging learning experiences.

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Teacher and Pupils

Unit 4

Building Teacher-Student Relationships

The key metric of student performance in the future will be "engagement" in learning. One of the most critical factors that impact students' engagement is the teacher-student relationship. In this unit, you will learn about the The AOI model of building teacher-student relationships and take home some practical strategies that you can implement immediately in the classrooms.

Unit 5

Effective Assessment Using MCQs

In the future, assessment will be the 'navigator' of learning rather than the 'driver of learning. The use of multiple-choice questions in assessing students across grades and subjects will increase significantly. This unit prepares you to understand the 3 characteristics of effective online assessment and use Norman Webb's depth of knowledge levels to design MCQs to test students higher order thinking skills and understanding.

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Course Completion Assessment

Your course grade is based on the quizzes at the end of each unit and the course. The grades awarded are:

  • Grade A [Score above 80%]

  • Grade B [Score of 60% - 80%]

  • Grade C [Score below 60%] 


Celebrate Your Accomplishment 

You will be awarded a certificate of completion (grade C), certificate of merit (grade B), or certificate of excellence (grade A) after you complete all the quizzes.

Meet the Mentors

Dr. Atul Nischal

Chief Mentor, ReSET

One of the most respected professionals in school education, Dr. Nischal has a rich experience of designing, developing and deploying professional development programs for educators and school leaders. Over the last 20 years, thousands of teachers have benefitted from attending his programs. 

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Mr. Balasubramanian

Chairman, ICSL Advisory Board

Former Director, CBSE.

An eminent thought leader in school education, Bala ji, has conducted more than 2000 programs for teachers and principals across India. 

Dr. Rajesh Hassija


Indraprastha Group of Schools.

National Coordinator, NTA

A dynamic school leader who has inspired 1000s of teachers with his progressive views on the use of technology, Dr. Hassija is an undisputed authority on school management.

Mrs. Sangeeta Krishan

Former Director (Curriculum & Training) Bharti Foundation

Former Director (Acads),

G.D. Goenka Schools

For more than a decade, Mrs. Krishan has been with KHDA, Dubai as a school inspector. Her deep understanding and pragmatic reflections on school education is admired by all.

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Dr. Anuradha Rai

Head, ECHO Education (India) 

Principal, Ambience Public School

A strong believer of lifelong learning, Dr. Rai is leading a nationwide effort to use globally tested technologies for professional development of teachers and school leaders.

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