Personality Development: Inclusion in Education and Tips for school Leaders

[Md. Yusuf Nongkynrih, Principal, Mandhan Konwar Central School, Assam]

‘The inclusion of Personality Development course in the present system of Education’

‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’. Nelson Mandela

PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT is the development of the organised pattern of attitudes and behaviours which makes an individual distinctive. Personality development takes place by the continuous interaction of the temperament, environment and character, and development of habitual designs of behaviour in adolescence and childhood.

Personality is composed of the character designs of feelings, behaviours and thoughts which make a person special. In addition, personality occurs from within the person and stays fairly consistent during the whole life.


It is the basic need to obtain success and happiness in life; be it personal or professional. We may be a great team manager or have a higher educational qualification or may know all the latest techniques of our field, but none of these can help us achieve our desired goal unless we know how to be a sensible person. First of all, we need to develop our skills as a person and then we can use any of our other professional talents to impress people. Most schools are trying to include this course of personality development into the school curriculum. In fact, the school leaders must pay extra heed in bringing up this course in the school for the students. This would definitely help students prepare for the future.


  1. Always be yourself - Never try to copy anyone else. Be positive and confident about your own personality.

  2. Learn to communicate well - Improve your communication skills.

  3. Understand the difference between confidence and arrogance - You can show confidence without being rude to anyone.

  4. Make a plan - Try to adhere to it completely.

  5. Be a good listener - Let others' speak their thoughts and listen to them carefully in a discussion.

  6. Be the owner of a clean mind, body and attitude - A charming personality with a clean mind can win in worse situations.

  7. It is good to work hard but it is better to work smart - Try to be productive and enjoy your work.

  8. Be calculative - Spend time and money precisely.

  9. Be gentle and polite but also firm while organising something - Don’t let anyone take advantages of your politeness.

  10. Be honest - In your personal and professional life.

This discussion will help us understand what is personality development and how you can obtain sharpness in your personality.


We all believe our personalities are excellent. It is simply our behaviour that occasionally goes a little off track. Therefore, when we speak about enhancing our personality, we are seeking ways in which we react in situations and how we exhibit our state and feeling.

For example, we could feel anxious, emotional, angry or upset with anyone or about anything. The first point to make is that we are in charge of our outbursts. No one can make you angry or make you behave in a certain way. So, we should decide the way we respond to the people close to us and we need to make better decisions.


PERSONALITY is actually a number of characteristic feeling, behaviours and thoughts which are related to an individual. Personality development will lead to an improvement in every sphere of a person’s life. In the Vedanta, the idea of personality improvement is linked with the concept of excellence of each and every soul and self-confidence to manifest and realise the inner knowledge. The five dimensions that take part in forming a person’s personality are:

  1. Blissful-self

  2. Energy-self

  3. Mental-self

  4. Physical-self

  5. Intellectual-self.


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