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LEAD The Change: An Anthology to Empower School Leaders

Lead the Change brings together for the first time in one place innovative thoughts, experiences, insights, and wisdom of practicing K12 school leaders and industry professionals from across India, Finland, England, Mexico, and China. This book is a comprehensive body of knowledge that is sure to inspire existing school leaders, and motivate aspiring school leaders.

Each article in the book has been selected for publication by the Board of Advisors of ICSL after assessing the value it adds to improving the performance and progress of school leaders. 

LEAD The Change: An Anthology to Empower School Leaders

  • The book has articles spanning all the seven domains of school leadership identified by International Council for School Leadership (ICSL) as:

    • School Environment and Culture
    • Curriculum and Content
    • Learning and Assessment
    • People (Students, Parents, Teachers, Staff, and Community)
    • Finance, Operations and Legal
    • Technology
    • Leading Organizational Change

    Regarded as a milestone initiative in school education leadership development, the book presents complexities and challenges within each domain and highlights the outlook, skills and knowledge required to steer a school toward excellence.

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