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Voices That Matter!

Monica Sagar

Monica Sagar

Director-Principal, Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon

Veerle Ponnet

Veerle Ponnet

Academic Director, Dusemond Study Programmes, Spain TEDx Speaker

78th Friday@5: Getting Play Back in the Classroom

Sometimes playing is more important than learning!

Registration for this eConvo is Closed. You can view the session live on fb/
78th Friday@5: Getting Play Back in the Classroom
78th Friday@5: Getting Play Back in the Classroom

Time & Location

Mar 25, 2022, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

E-Convo on Zoom

About The Event

What is the most important thing for teachers as children return to the regular school routine?

All of us agree that students' socio-emotional health has suffered a lot during the shutdown of schools induced by the Covid-19 pandemic. Principals and teachers are noticing that students' social behavior has completely changed, as they return to school. Their confidence levels have dropped and the quality of interactions with peers has declined.

Before we begin finding ways to help them overcome the learning gaps caused by the shutdowns, it is important for us to help them regain their social skills and rediscover emotional strengths.

Playing with children (of all ages) is much more important today than teaching them. But, how do we do it? Will this not create a lot of disturbance in the classrooms? How will we address the learning gaps and syllabi requirements?

During the 78th episode of Friday@5, we plan to find answers to some of these questions.


Vincent Siu, Founder and CEO, Press Start Academy 

Press Start Academy is a groundbreaking education concept where all learning takes place via play and games. We have designed a unique, multidisciplinary curriculum centered on learning through play, game-based learning, gamification, and other adjacent concepts for students aged 4-18. Press Start Academy is the next chapter in the continued evolution of Press Start Hong Kong, a games consultancy on a mission to change the world through play and to unlock the unique potential of play and games as a platform for education, innovation, and inspiration.

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