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Voices That Matter!

Monica Sagar

Monica Sagar

Director-Principal, Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon

Veerle Ponnet

Veerle Ponnet

Academic Director, Dusemond Study Programmes, Spain TEDx Speaker

56th Friday@5: Competency Based Learning

NEP 2020 recommends school educators focus on developing competencies rather than promoting rote learning. But, what are the characteristics of competency-based education? Let's discover these in the 56th eConvo.

Registration for this eConvo is Closed. You can view the session live on fb/
56th Friday@5: Competency Based Learning
56th Friday@5: Competency Based Learning

Time & Location

Sep 17, 2021, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

E-Convo on Zoom

About The Event

The world is moving to competency-based education which is also sometimes referred to as: 

  1. outcome-based
  2. proficiency-based
  3. mastery-based education. 

The transition from a syllabus-centric culture steered by rote-memorization and obsessed with examination scores will be challenging. But, if you learn about the 7 characteristics of competency-based education, it may put you on the right path. 

Join us for an enriching dialogue at 5 p.m. this Friday!

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