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Developing Active Learners


There are three reasons why students must be prepared for active learning.

  1. For the success of a hybrid learning model, students need to become pro-active self-motivated learners.

  2. Competency-based learning, as advocated by the NEP 2020 requires students to make decisions regarding what, how, and when they want to learn as well as how they want their competencies to be assessed.

  3. Learner-centric education is effective only when students proactively engage in learning experiences.3)

Moving forward the main objective of teachers will be to ensure students' readiness to learn and their active engagement in learning.

This workshop will help participants TO develop the following competencies.



  • What are the competencies that active learners possess?

  • What are the socio-emotional or cognitive factors that prevent students’ to take control of their learning?

  • How can the learning environment and culture facilitate students’ involvement in learning tasks?

  • How can we monitor and assess students’ participation in learning?

  • What kind of learning experiences promote students' active participation?


  • Objectively monitor the engagement levels of students in learning tasks.

  • Identify reasons for low engagement levels in students.

  • Interact with students to implement corrective measures to improve engagement.


  • Shift ownership of learning to students while continuing to monitor and measure their progress.

  • Collaborate actively with students to help them improve their engagement in learning tasks.

Snippets from LIVE workshops