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Hybrid Learning

The Future is Hybrid

Mr. G. Balasubramanian, Former Director (Academics), Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and Chairperson, National Advisory Board (ICSL) rightly says, "The one thing that Covid-19 pandemic surely taught us is that learners do not NEED to be in school to learn."


The Ministry of Education, Government of India has also recognized the immense power of digital learning in making quality education accessible and equitable. In its recent budget, GoI has announced several measures to strengthen digital delivery of education as well as professional development of teachers and school leaders.

Self Study

Hybrid learning allows students the flexibility to learn in-class, outside the class, at home, or online. It gives students the freedom and flexibility to choose when to learn, how to learn, and how to demonstrate achievement of proficiencies. And, it gives schools and teachers the power to deliver personalized learning in an efficient manner. 

With hybrid learning becoming a certain future of school education, you have two choices. You can either adopt and lead the change, or follow others later.

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