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Technology for Learning
and Assessment


In the future, there will be only two kinds of teachers - those who use technology and those who use technology effectively.

The quick and sudden adoption of technology over the last 2 years is nothing but the starting point of a very long journey of becoming a competent tech-enabled teacher.

Tech-enabled teachers can use technology to create and curate content for their students, design and deliver tech-enabled learning, and administer fair and accurate online assessments. And, they will be able to do all this effortlessly.

This workshop will help participants TO develop the following competencies.


  • What is the role of technology in education?

  • How can we use technology to complement face-to-face learning?

  • What are the limitations of using technology?

  • How can we magnify pedagogical and assessment strategies by using technology?

  • What is the most effective way to master tech-skills?


  • Create audio-visual content using various technology tools, software, and apps.

  • Deliver synchronous and asynchronous learning to students.

  • Use technology tools to conduct assessment and monitor student performance and progress.


  • Understand that becoming a competent tech-enabled educator is a lifelong journey.

  • Develop a positive attitude toward the role of technology in improving student learning levels.

Snippets from LIVE workshops