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Teacher Student Relationships


The engagement of students in learning activities is strongly influenced by their relationships with teachers. Higher engagement levels further fuel improvement in academic performance.

Digital natives, in particular, give a lot of weightage to relationships before they engage in any activity or person.

Research indicates that frequency of positive interactions, objective observations, and awareness are the three critical requirements for building strong teacher-student relationships.

Participants of this workshop will design their action plan to improve their relationship with their students.

This workshop will help participants TO develop the following competencies.


  • What are the major factors that impact the quality of interactions with students?

  • How can teachers minimize the consequences of negative interactions?

  • What techniques help teachers to observe students and the classroom environment objectively?

  • How can increased awareness of themselves and their students help teachers to strenghten relationships with students?


  • Create meaningful positive interactions with students.

  • Mindful, objective observation skills.

  • Ability to handle conflicts in relationships with students.

  • Consciously improve their awareness levels.


  • Develop professional conduct to aid strengthening of relationships with students.

  • Be mindful of the impact minor incidents can have on their relationships with students.

  • Conduct their professional duties with high degree of self-awareness

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