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NEP 2020 Imlementation

Let's Implement NEP 2020

Within a week of the release of the draft National Education Policy, ICSL organized a meeting where school leaders across National Capital Region deliberated on each chapter of the policy. The outcome of deliberation was a suggestive list of 43 points that were submitted to the Ministry of Education, Government of India. However, the unanimous viewpoint of the delegates was that "NEP2020 has the potential to revolutionize school education like never before". 


After the final National Education Policy was released, ICSL embarked on the journey of discussing each chapter of the policy in detail with relevant experts. In fact, this marked the launch of our Friday@5 eConvos, that have today become the most attended educational webinars.

For a complete understanding of the National Education Policy 2020 and how it impacts your school or your professional career, you must watch the videos of these Friday@5 episodes.